Listing on the Stud Dog Pages (main page and individual page) includes:
a) Medium size picture on the main stud dog page, plus a large picture on the stud dog's individual page.
b) Name of stud dog.
c) Sire and dam with a link the pedigree.
d) Owner's name with a link to the email address.
e) Clearances with an OFA link on stud dog's individual page.
f) Description/specifics of stud dog on stud dog's individual page.
g) Meta tags with the stud dog's registered name and call name, so his listing will come up on google.
h) Stud dog's registered name listed on Golden Retriever Central's sitemap page.

1) Click here for the reminder on listing according to the GRCA COE

2) Please complete the form below to be listed in Golden Retriever Central's Stud Dog Section - Leave off the "http://www" where links are asked for.

3) Please email jzyjen@gmail.com a picture you'd like on the general stud dog page, plus another for your stud dog's own page or an advertisement you already have

4) On your stud dog's page, you're welcome to include or link a bio and stud contract by emailing it to me at jzyjen@gmail.com

There is not a charge, but donations welcomed.

Thank you.

Stud Dog Form
* required

1) Your name and any additional owner names:*

2) Your email address:*

3) City:*

4) State:*

5) Registered name with titles:*

6) Call name:*

7) K9Data Link*

8) OFA Link*

9) Website, if you have one

10) Phone number, if you would like it listed

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